Name: Carole Circosta. LA born and bred...Wife to Chris for 46 years and counting.

Mother to Aimee and Kevin, O-Mom to Matt and Rachel, Grandma to Mae, Tao and Luca.

What does Community Mean to You?

At this stage of my life my community is mainly my family and my friends that are like family. They mean everything to me, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Tell us about women who made the most impact on your life at each stage:

My mother will always be #1. She instilled in me every value I deem important. I keep her in my heart and she continues to keep me strong, guide and inspire me every day. From 1997- 2013 a group of 11 amazing women, all artists, started meeting once a month. I was #12. We called ourselves "The Circle”. The love, trust, and inspiration I got from those ladies will be with me forever. Now, my Granddaughter, with her empathy, and innate ability to understand, value, and appreciate all life continues to amaze me.

We are all wearing so many hats these days, especially with the shelter order in place!  Motherhood, work, family, homeschooling...we often let ourselves be the last on the list. How are you finding the space to recharge?

The best way for me to stay happy, focused, and positive during this challenging time is to be sure to talk with my family and friends daily. I am following all protocols, enjoying my steam shower, cooking, and taking late afternoon walks with my husband. I’ve also begun playing mahjong online with my mahjong ladies!

What are five words that describe you?

Open-minded, helpful, independent, loving, loyal

A piece of advice that you find helpful (can be anything!)

Trust your intuition. If something isn’t working out, and there are multiple “roadblocks,” trust it is not meant to be. Also, especially as you get older…When you come to a fork in the road…Take the scenic route!!