Name: Joy Sangalang Smith
Work: Jewelry Artisan & Mystic

Children: Leilani Jewel

What does Community Mean to You?

Smiles & Laughter

Tell us about women who made the most impact on your life:

My Mother for always wanting the best for me,  Mother Teresa for teaching me radical love and Mother Mary for showing me the path to unconditional love and being strong in spirit!

We are all wearing so many hats these days, especially with the shelter order in place!  Motherhood, work, family, homeschooling...we often let ourselves be the last on the list. How are you finding the space to recharge?

By Exercising, Creating and Taking Naps

What are five words that describe you? 

Loud, Happy, Cries watching American Idol and X Factor, Gives everyone a HUG and can be an introvert.

A piece of advice that you find helpful (can be anything!)

I put myself first, so I can be my best self for others. I used to put everyone first over myself and I was grouchy, tired and not happy!