Name: Lulu Brud

Work: I'm an actress and a creative splitting time (these days) between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree.

Children: I am a Momma to my two children--my daughter who never made it earth-side but would be a year and half and my son, Wilder, just turned 7 months old a couple of days ago.

What does Community Mean to You?

To me community is the family that you choose as adults; they're the friends who help to carry you when you don't remember how to walk, those who inspire you to continue creating, who support and love you through all the wins and losses that life can throw at you, who you can zoom with for a workout and not worry about what you're wearing or not wearing. I feel very very very blessed to be surrounded by SO many incredible women that make up so many different facets of life.

Tell us about women who made the most impact on your life at each stage:

I feel like I've had a woman for every stage of my life, but the constants throughout most of them have definitely been my momma, grandma and aunt + my childhood best friend + my dance friends growing up  + my adult best friend who I met at summer camp when I was 15 + my college suite mate + the wide net of women that I feel so lucky to have walked into in the past few years.

We are all wearing so many hats these days, especially with the shelter order in place!  Motherhood, work, family, homeschooling...we often let ourselves be the last on the list. How are you finding the space to recharge?

For me, it happens in stolen moments and it definitely takes more communicating between parties than it used to. My husband and I generally switch off watching Wilder so we can do our workout, shower, get dressed and pretend to be a person routine. I find nature to be my real source of recharging though, so I'm so grateful to be out in the expanse of Joshua Tree right now where a few minutes exploring in the vast outside completely calms me, as opposed to our relatively small two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with a baby, a big dog and no outdoor space.

What are five words that describe you?

Creative, generator, momma, tenacious, INFP

A piece of advice that you find helpful (can be anything!)

There is strength in our vulnerability.