Name: Priscilla Vega
Founder of PR Vega and proud Rachel Pally fan for over 13 years after reading in an interview somewhere that you were a designer and DANCER so you designed pieces for movement....been in love ever since! And in the past 13 years, I got myself a husband and two kids.
Ina, 7 and Ozzy, 3

What does Community Mean to You?

Community is trusting the people that surround you enough to lean on them when times are tough and support them when times are tougher.

Tell us about women who made the most impact on your life at each stage:

My great grandma taught me to appreciate ancestral lineage. If that woman was the path to my history and my future, I wanted to walk it proudly. My grandmother taught me how to be a daughter and a mother. She loved her mother more than life itself. I saw their bond and I admired it. She also raised my mother to be the toughest woman I know. My mother is passion and compassion. She cares for her community more than anybody I know. And my sister and I are products of all of it. My sister and I are yin and yang but we're cut from the same cloth. At our core, we hold all the strength and love that came before us. Then there's my daughter. My greatest teacher. I've learned more about myself in the past 7 years than all my lifetimes before her.

We are all wearing so many hats these days, especially with the shelter order in place!  Motherhood, work, family, homeschooling...we often let ourselves be the last on the list. How are you finding the space to recharge?

I could complain about having to juggle work and my child's virtual learning but then I think about the thousands of people out of work and the tens of thousands of kids who don't have the option to virtually learn. My problems are not actual problems. They're merely adjustments. The truth is, life before this crazy time is over. We are all shedding our skin and experiencing a rebirth. None of this is comfortable. None of it feels good. But what will come of this will make us all stronger and more appreciative of the future. I'm just holding on to the future and the way I'm going to approach it when it arrives. I honestly want to check out and hit the mute button on all of this. That's obviously not possible so I'll walk through it with the hope of a greater future.

What are five words that describe you?

Passionate. Optimist. Enthusiast. Mother. Lover. 

A piece of advice that you find helpful (can be anything!)

Never lose sight of the way your passion makes you feel and apply it to everything you do.