Sada K.

Name: Sada K.
Creative - Recording Artist, Content Creator and Writer
Children: Kendrix (3) and another baby boy due at the end of May

What does Community Mean to You?

For me, community has a new found meaning. My mother passed away in 2016 when I was pregnant with my first son and community is what I've learned to appreciate more than ever. Community has given me strength, love, accountability and so much more.

Tell us about women who made the most impact on your life:

My mother, my grandmother and my aunts made the greatest impact in my life. All the wisdom they shared, all the strength & grace they showed through every situation they faced in life prepared me to be the woman, wife and mother I am today.

We are all wearing so many hats these days, especially with the shelter order in place!  Motherhood, work, family, homeschooling...we often let ourselves be the last on the list. How are you finding the space to recharge?

Learning how to recharge is an ongoing learning process for me. I naturally love to care for everyone else first but I'm learning the importance of charging myself first so that I can continue to pour into those that I love. Meditation, baths, spending time in nature, reading, writing, creating, and TURNING OFF MY PHONE for extended periods of time have been key for me.

What are five words that describe you? 

Strong, Loving, Caring, Optimistic, Determined

A piece of advice that you find helpful (can be anything!)

Give yourself the grace to go through life's ups and downs one day at a time.