Andrea Hawken


Hi!  Who are you?  What are you all about??

My name is Andrea. I work with small brands to help them communicate their visual identity and message and I have a creative agency called Field Guide Los Angeles.

I am from the Philippines and moved here when I was 10–it’s still home to me. I try my best to teach my children about my home and help them feel pride about their heritage. I think of that daily–it’s so important to me. 

What are your favorite projects to work on?

I love branding projects so much. To take a person’s business name and idea then have my incredible team create a logo from our brainstorming ramblings then see a person’s dream take shape–I love it. It’s thrilling. 

How do you manage to carve out time for creative projects outside of work? 

I get so much creativity out of the work and I find so many projects so fulfilling that I actually don’t have the urge to be creative outside of work. I don’t carve out time for it because it doesn’t even occur to me that I need it. I do set aside time to do other things that feed my creativity–let my mind wander while I take my dog on a walk, sit and chat with friends, exercise and take long showers. 

Last book you read?

I’m reading the subtitles on the latest season of Euphoria. 

If I’m honest, I have not prioritized reading physical books in so long. I love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I take walks or clean the kitchen. I recently listened to The Green Mile by Stephen King. 

Recipes on repeat?  

Lately I’ve been so homesick for the Philippines and truthfully grieving what feels like a loss of cultural identity, so I make Filipino food for my family. I want my children to feel so familiar with my home’s food. I absolutely am infatuated with Melissa Miranda’s Crispy Chicken Adobo and her Winter Greens Laing served together with plain white rice.

So much has been about what we have lost during this time.  Are there things you have gained during this time as well?

Aside from a few pounds, this has also been the most special time with my little family. I go to sleep every night knowing that this moment with them is finite and I get to be with them all the time because of this pandemic. Most remarkably, I’ve created a new relationship with my mom. My mom and I have always been full of love for one another, but its also been challenging for us both. She got Covid in October 2020. She was hospitalized and intubated. On my birthday, she was discharged from the hospital–to say that this had a positive impact on our relationship is an understatement. My mom and I have enjoyed a very different relationship since then and I will always be so grateful for this opportunity to blossom our friendship. 

Name 5 things that bring you joy right now.

  1.  Daily walks. 
  2. Cara Cara oranges.
  3. The smell of my children’s hair and my puppy’s fur.
  4. Waking up to texts and memes from my family in the Philippines.
  5. Videos of my niece.

What does being successful mean to you?

Doing something that doesn’t feel like a struggle, making enough to live comfortably while still being home for morning snuggles, bath times and adventures. I want my babies to look back on their childhood and feel proud that they witnessed their mother work hard but know that it didn’t come at the expense of time with them. On most days, I think I’m on the right path. 

How has your style evolved over the years?  Do you have a uniform you turn to?  (I still remember you as the cute mom in the tight Jesse Kamm shorts with the best legs)

As hard as I try, I can’t stray too far away from a t-shirt and jeans or shorts, or a comfy dress in the summer. I love all variations of a white top with high waisted bottoms. I think I really wanted to try on different personalities with different styles, but truthfully, my style has remained the same since I was a pre-teen. I love clothes that feel feminine, comfortable and easy. I’ve worn RP since I was in college, on first dates, to college, when I was pregnant, when I was newly post partum… I’ve worn RP through every important juncture of my life. 

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