Crystal Meers

Story by Lia Aprile and Photography by Claudia Lucia

Crystal Meers’ list of accomplishments is long. She was the Deputy Editor for DailyCandy and is as in-demand as a writer can be—she’s contributed to ELLE, NY Times/T Magazine, Goop, Glamour, Marie Claire...too many to name. She’s also a creative and branding consultant, but what she’s really known for, and what makes her who she is, is her singular voice. People want Crystal: her humor, her joy, her irreplicable charisma.

I’ve worked with Crystal in many capacities over the years—I’ve called on her writing talent and her brand expertise (she’s my go-to for advice on new products, restaurants, face creams, smoothies, books: you name it, she knows it) and her insight and magnetism have always been an inspiration. She’s a people connector. When you’re around Crystal, all you want to do is to stay there.

- Rachel Pally

You have an amazing pedigree as a writer, from DailyCandy to Fathom and now you're just absolutely everywhere, writing for several venerable publications...did you have an inkling you would become a fashion/travel/lifestyle writer, or did fate take you there?

I always wanted to work in magazines. My first job was as Assistant to the Editor in Chief at NYLON. I loved it so much because the editorial team was all about discovering what was next, and calling out trends instead of following them. At DailyCandy I had a chance to do the same thing, and have been doing it ever since.

Have you always been a person with a clear "personal style," or has writing about the small beauties of the world (in art/fashion/travel/decor) altered your taste?

I am definitely inspired by the people, places, and things that I write about - but I mostly wear t-shirts and jeans. I dress way more interesting in my daydreams!

How would you describe your style?

I never leave myself enough time to properly get ready so I love instant outfits - especially dresses and jumpsuits. I wear Rachel Pally because she makes clothes that I can throw on super fast and instantly look put together.

{ Crystal is wearing the Roark Bodysuit in Divine }

There's a great book I recently gave my husband that's about the daily routines of various creative people...what do you think your chapter in that book would be titled?

My chapter would be called “Me and My Blender” I make myself some kind of beverage every morning. Sometimes it’s a smoothie. Other times it’s a hot drink loaded with Moon Juice dusts or Countertop Golden Honey. Whatever it is, it gets me going!

And now for a philosophical turn! Why does it matter what a woman wears?

It only matters if she cares!

Favorite thing in your closet right now?

My new sensible sneakers. They are Spalwart.

How about in your fridge?

My secret stash of Honey Mama’s chocolate.

You have a young daughter, what's been the most surprising thing about motherhood, good or bad? The, "no one told me about THIS!" moment.

Even when things would seem totally tortuous on paper - like when my daughter threw up down the front of the inside of my jumpsuit or having to run laps with her up and down the airplane aisle - they are really no big deal. Even bad days make good stories!

And last: what's the one thing you hope you are (or will be) modeling for your daughter about what it means to be a woman?

That no one belongs here more than her (I took that from the title of Miranda July’s book No One Belongs Here More Than You, it’s something that’s stuck with me. It really sums things up, doesn’t it?