Pheonix Wild


I had the opportunity to meet longtime Instagram pal Pheonix Wild in Kauai earlier this Summer. While she is currently offline taking time to prepare for the birth of her third child, Pheonix has created a wonderful following of likeminded mamas and adventurers. We met up in Hanalei Bay with our children - while they played, we had a chance to talk about motherhood, living off of the grid, values, the beauty of birth and the importance of following your path. I hope you enjoy meeting her through her interview as much as I did in person!

- Rachel Pally

You have chosen a truly off-the-beaten-path lifestyle. What traditions from you childhood or family are you holding onto as you make your way in this new life?

I would comically respond to this by saying none...due to the fact that my new family has really chosen to live and view life in a completely new way. I think that as my children grow older I find myself craving certain traditions such as family meals together and Christmas / end of the year traditions and big birthday parties but in terms of carrying over any specific traditions from my family I think that we are definitely just embarking on new horizons and new experiences in general.

With two little children, do you find the need for community ever more important?

Absolutely. I would rather have a big playdate where there is at least another child and mother to hang out with than just me and my kids for the whole day. There is always a need for the community to help validate and mirror worries and fears that come up during the long days of motherhood. One of my favorite times of motherhood is the weeks following a birth because this community here nourishes us with meal trains and so much love and support. I have no worries after giving birth because I know my island girls have my back.

You live on an island. It sounds glorious. What is your favorite part of living on this beautiful island. What do you find is the most challenging or hard?

My favorite part about living on Kauai is the abundant fresh fruit and vegetables. Our favorite part of our week is going to the farmers market. Always something amazing in season and great local farmers to connect with. The most difficult is the isolation I feel every few months. Means I need to do a travel trip and remind myself how lucky I am to live here even if it's thousands of miles away from family and old friends.

Are you finding doors opening to you that you never envisioned?

Within myself yes. I find peace is more accessible to me now. I find that connecting with my repressed femininity is a door that has opened for me that I didn’t even know was closed. Kauai is a magical and spiritually saturated piece of earth. I understand how much of a mess I used to be and it's great to be in motherhood and a relationship that allows me to grow and be open to change.

What are you giving your two children that they would not get living on the mainland?

Option to be in nature before TV. Access to seeing their parents go after their true passions rather than just a 9-5. Ability to see and learn from where their food comes from. And being able to be in a community that supports this "off the wall" lifestyle.

You are such a natural beauty. Can you explain your philosophy of self care?

Laughter. Water. Coffee body scrubs and making sure I wake up and wash my face and put on nourishing oils before I start running after my toddlers.

Right now, you have 2 very young children who need your attention most of the time, and a third on the way. If you had a day to yourself, how would you spend it?

I would probably desire to go thrift shopping by myself haha and a few sessions of sauna and major hydration.

If you had a day to spend with just you and your husband, how would you spend that day?

Doing something new like going on a hike somewhere beautiful or super fun like horseback riding or ATV racing...Lol I have a lot of things planned once I am not pregnant anymore.

You have a great sense of style. What is important to you in how you choose your clothing, your accessories, and how you make a statement?

These days it's about comfort over making a statement, but I don't have access to good thrift stores here on Kauai so it's been a lot more about simplicity with good quality pieces that make me feel beautiful

You look so beautiful in your Rachel Pally dresses and jumpsuits. Why is the brand a good fit for you?

Simplicity and Elegance. Something I never thought I would fit into. I am usually loudly dressed wanting to make a statement more than finding pieces that really bring out my feminine qualities. I find that the fabrics from Rachel Pally's collection fit my little body so magically and I feel even more motherly, it's so amazing. So in love with this brand.