A Celebration of Community

A few weeks ago, before our lives were all collectively turned upside down, I had the opportunity to collaborate with my dear friends Morgan Pansing and Andrea Hawken to shoot my most recent collection. While so much has changed since then, we have been so very excited to share these images with all of you. I am finding that in these dark days I am reaching even more towards my friends and my extended circle, which is what these photographs are all about. Female friendship, sisterhood and community has always been incredibly important to me, especially since becoming a mother. I surround myself with women who inspire me, who lift me up, who support each other in our personal and professional lives. And we need it now more than ever. What an amazing gift it has been for me to be able to work creatively with my friends! We gathered a group of women in Topanga Canyon, friends old and new, and spent a day in nature getting to know one another and photographing my Spring pieces. Among us were artists, entrepreneurs, actors, a musician, a jewelry designer, mamas, mamas to be, and my own mother and mother in law! My ultimate collaborators. I hope these images of friendship and laughter and hope bring a little light to your day and remind us all of the power of all being in it together. We will be sharing thoughts on community from each of these women today and in the coming weeks - we hope you like following along!



Featuring: Rachel Pally, Jaimi Brooks, Brandi Sellerz, Erika Martha, Janna Ling, Ali Holon, Zoey Hodges, Pamela Hunter, Martine Ho, Priscilla Vega, Sophie Assa, Joy Sanaglang Smith, Andrea Hawken, Lulu Brud, Adrian Pally Becker, Carole Circosta

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